You mentioned you went to Nepal, what was it like to experience the birthplace of Buddhism, Sam?



I was part of a large group of American and Canadian Buddhists and we made the pilgrimage to Lumbini. I really love the people of Nepal. I found it amusing that I was as exotic to them as they were to me. I was rather amazed at the extent of Western culture in Kathmandu. Many people spoke English and they were very curious about California.  In the villages it was more like I expected. Bright eyed curious children hiding behind mother’s skirts and great hospitality.


Source PD, edit by Natan Vance.

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Patan, Nepal
for "thank you" is it dhanyabhad or shukriya? can you say both?


Dhanyabad is Nepali for thank you. Shukriya is Hindi. So you can’t really say shukriya in Nepali.


People are afraid that if they let go of their anger and righteousness and wrath, and look at their own feelings—and even see the good in a bad person—they’re going to lose the energy they need to do something about the problem. But actually you get more strength and energy by operating from a place of love and concern. You can be just as tough, but more effectively tough. —Robert Thurman(Photo: Kalachakra Mandala)


Adrenaline (February, 2013)